Wood is one of the main Resources used for Crafting in Worlds Adrift. Each type of wood has a different weight and strength which will affect the physics and appearance of ships and components built with wood. Like Metal, Wood can come in qualities varying from 1 to 10, with 1 providing minimal boosts to stats, while 10 provides the maximum. However, wood is less frequently used in higher tier parts, so quality 10 woods hold less value than quality 10 metals.

Material Weights & Descriptions
Icon Name Mass Description Ingame
Wood Cedar.png
Cedar 0.13 kg Extremely light and soft, cannot withstand much damage.
Deck cedar.jpg
Wood Hemlock.png
Hemlock 0.15 kg Very light but durable enough to be used in certain scenarios.
Deck hemlock.jpg
Wood Chestnut.png
Chestnut 0.17 kg Lightweight but nevertheless versatile timber.
Deck chestnut.jpg
Wood Elm.png
Elm 0.18 kg Medium weight with no outstanding strengths or vulnerabilities.
Deck elm.jpg
Wood Birch.png
Birch 0.20 kg Soft but otherwise high performance for it's weight.
Deck birch.jpg
Wood Ash.png
Ash 0.22 kg Extremely flexible all-rounder but heavy for timber.
Deck ash.jpg
Wood Oak.png
Oak 0.23 kg Durable and versatile but heavy for wood.
Deck oak.jpg
Wood Palm.png
Palm 0.25 kg The heaviest but also most useful wood.
Deck palm.jpg


Ironwood, Mahogany, Ebony, and Maple where last seen in Alpha 5.3 and are no longer in the game as of Alpha 6, may they rest in peace.

Icon Name
Wood Ironwood.png
Wood Mahogany.png
Wood Ebony.png
Wood Maple.png
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