Worlds Adrift Wiki

Release Date: April 12th, 2019

PTS Update 30 Patch Notes[]

Initial Release[]


  • Improvements to telegraphing:
    • Made the Blight screen overlay transparent when looking away from the centre of the storm to make it clearer which direction to travel in to get out.
    • If you can see particles you’re at risk of destruction (you’re near the destruction radius)
    • Destruction VFX will last longer. Now it will fade to black over 7.5s and ‘dissolve’ over 2.5s. Colliders should also be disabled halfway through the dissolving process.
    • New lightning VFX to make the Blight look more dangerous
    • Blight will now turn on if the server hits 75% time dilation for 30 seconds and disable when it gets to 85% time dilation for 30 seconds
    • Blight is now visible from 6km away
    • Initial Blight position is no longer based on weather cell positions but on a K-Means cluster analysis of the priorities and positions of all of the entities on the FSIM
    • Blight will now cancel if it hasn’t fully activated but the server has recovered
    • While active, Blight will now continually refine its position to move towards the highest priority entities in its radius. It has a maximum speed that varies based on time dilation. So the worse the FSIM is performing the more aggressively the Blight will chase ships!
    • Blight will fully retarget (analysing all entities) every 30s to avoid destroying a ship in its entirety when there is a more important one somewhere else
    • Blight will attempt to retarget if enough stuff has been destroyed.
    • The Blight will now smoothly fade out when it disappears. Also, it’s now more visibly windy in weather walls and inside the Blight!
  • Destruction priority is now based on the following:
    • More colliders = more expensive
    • Manually determined importance to the player
    • Entities attached to ships that have registered revivers will have double the player importance (so lower destruction priority)
    • Only entities that are ‘dynamic’ (meaning they have physics) should be considered
    • Metal scrap and atlas shards will now be cleaned up
    • Nothing should be destroyed unless it has been ‘logged in’ for at least 2 minutes
    • Entities in the Blight will be destroyed every 10s by default but this can be overridden per entity type.


  • Revamped knowledge tree to include various set schematics previously found on islands. These are categorised into branches that reflect what they are used for, such as exploring or shipbuilding.
  • Scanning an island or island object displays the number of databanks still to scan on the island.
  • Knowledge nodes will be automatically unlocked if you had previously found and learned the schematic.
  • Knowledge gained is now displayed in the same fashion as gaining resources.
  • Removed Knowledge from scanning every object on islands, except databanks..
  • Scan UI has been revamped and moved from the bottom left corner and is now much more clear.


  • Deleting offline ships from server memory Improving server response.
  • Saving ships to a per deployment cloud storage.
  • Refactor the way ship/reviver/player are linked using ShipReviverBookeeping unique authority
  • Added feedback giving Reviver lost reason when online. Customer Service will have access to that information and can use it during ticket handling.
  • Customer service can now restore your ship entirely based on ticket requests and log history.


  • Ship logout flow now has a new design.
    • Logout has been updated to differentiate between Logout and Exit game especially when the player has a reviver attached to the ship.
    • The logout button will keep your character in-game until the ship logs out completely if you are the last player in-game with a reviver attached to the ship.
    • The Exit button will log your character out whilst your ship will stay in the world for some time. (30s in Pve, 3 minutes in PvP)
    • Any interaction with the ship during logout (except players logging out) will interrupt the logout sequence.
    • If a player logouts or exits while standing on a ship they are not attached to, they will respawn to the closest ancient respawner.


  • Marauder Guitar
  • Some secret shop items


  • Added shipyard placement feedback.
  • Give marauder compass item health state.
  • Added logic where a ship will ask whether it should approach or not to the shipyard instead of approaching regardless of the shipyard state. Shipyard can refuse which will display a message to the owners of the ship saying they cant approach.
  • Changed logic between ship and shipyard slightly, so you can only dock on your own or abandoned shipyards
  • Update the new Bossa NTP server.
  • Maintenance should kick player correctly
  • Added range feedback to Salvager and Repair tools
  • Added range feedback to Ship Building tool
  • Impact damage on the ship was removed
  • Patch Notes: increased sail HP, increased gear duration, lifter weight increased, rebalanced some food recipe costs, bandage healing increased.
  • Increased Rhegus greaves climbing speed
  • If a client crashed or player closes the application, materials are returned that are on player’s multi-tool crafting slots.
  • Simplified and reduced the length of various tutorial prompts
  • Tool reticles now have unique icons, and animate and look good no matter screen resolution or UI size.
  • Add a cooldown overlay on buff icon.
  • Added skip tutorial option at character creation time.
  • Added Rarity display to Stash
  • added select server text above server select
  • changed logo colour to white


  • Fixed the duping bug linked to Delete action in inventory.
  • Fixing one of the barrel variants being disabled…
  • Fixed the marauder doesn’t drop off when attached ship part is destroyed.
  • Bonus bug fix – Potentially fixing an exception that completely stops the UI from working…
  • Fixing an error popup that appears when unlocking nodes with connected bonus nodes
  • Stash UI bugs.
  • Fixing missing decks crazy race condition!
  • Randomizing death clouds destruction to avoid all parts being destroyed at once.
  • fix to respawn SFX being in 2d in certain situations
  • Fix to respawn sounds being 2D is some instances
  • clipping fix on the male fugitive torso
  • Fugitive store outfit added to project, male and female
  • Made default wind direction nicer for main menu prettiness
  • added hair to the store masks
  • Barrels should now always spawn properly!
  • Fix to Ship panels z-fighting
  • Fixed the bug where if a player learned new schematics that had no cipher slots unlocked even they have them unlocked in the knowledge tree
  • Fixed issue where if the user tries to enter the game on Offline Mode, it would remain on a black screen forever.
  • Fix the bug where schematics have more cipher slots then the unlocked slot number


  • Wings cannot be placed onto ship frames
  • If a player is blocked from crafting at a crafting station, they will be prevented from crafting at any crafting station they place subsequently. They must either complete crafting or clear obstruction preventing an item being crafted
  • Players will be thrown into the air after crafting a ship frame
  • The Capulca engine does not update to have the correct number of cipher slots
  • The schematic counter is inaccurate
  • A player will be unable to interact with their marauder compass for 10 minutes. This happens if it is placed on a ship and only for the 1st 10 minutes after logging in

Patch #1[]

  • Refactored logout countdown
  • Fixed cannon ammo box not interactable
  • Attempted to fix the cursor centering issues and added a grappling mouse sensitivity option in the settings menu
  • Personal Reviver charge should be calculated at death time and not updated regardless of if the distance from you to the ship increases while you are dead
  • Changed how ship synchronizes its state with bookkeeping. Shouldnt change behaviour but could affect: ships logging out, ships logging in, ships that think they are docked when they are not or the other way around
  • Ships should now recover properly from a dead FSIM
  • Attempted fix for tutorial UI getting stuck on death screen
  • Improved player facing EAC message
  • Added logs around cipher to try and understand errors better when they happen
  • Fixed load balancing issues (which means how objects are loaded in the world, could fix island/objects loading errors)
  • Reviver being damaged/related messages are now red
  • Fixed issue where ships would spawn without fuel, also fixed fuel not being lost when removing the fuel tank from a ship, and therefore also not being transferrable to other ships
  • General reduced error spam
  • Improved maintenance script to make it easier to pick a valid snapshot
  • Fixes to blight timeout and blight creation (could cause creation/destruction loops of blight)
  • Reduced messaging from ships registering with bookkeeping so ships that are registered from snapshot do not try to register twice
  • Added logs to the login pipeline to make it easier to find out issues when they happen
  • Fixed ship ownership issues (related to anything PvE and PvP... interaction times, salvaging, etc)

Patch #2[]

  • Added CS functionality (internal only)
  • Fixed the button on death screen from being active for few frames when menu just enabled.
  • Increased knowledge gains from salvaging schematics.
  • Procedural schematic loot drop rarity now better matches the biome you are in, so now the Badlands will have significantly higher chance of Exotic schematics.
  • Significantly increased drop rate of potion mats by around 4x in the Badlands, but also a bit in the Expanse and Remnants.
  • Minimum metal and wood quality in the Badlands is now 7!
  • Fixed the bug where clicking feedback button on logout screen doesn't stop ship from logging out.