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Personal Reviver
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"Ancient technology that will revive you. Place it on a ship and interact with it to register with the device."
Crafted in:
Assembly Station
Respawn Tech

Personal Revivers are essential components to a ship. They can be placed on decks, allowing you to respawn on your ship. After placement, hold 'E' in order to register yourself with the reviver.

Crafting Page: Personal Reviver
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  • It will reduce the salvage rate of your Shipyard when docked for other players. This equals LESS loss of ship
  • It will stop other players from interacting with your ship when docked, including accessing chests and placing components. This equals LESS loss of ship.
  • It will significantly block other players from others gaining access to your ship in the sky. It will take them 10 sec to gain access to any component. This equals LESS loss of Resources
  • It will significantly reduce the salvage speed of your attached ship parts. You guessed it: less loss of ship.
  • Not to mention, it will mean that when EVERYONE who has a respawner logs off the ship will too shortly afterward (It will come back in with the first crew member to log back on)


The Personal Reviver has a charge of 100 when created initially. When the player respawns, if he is far enough away from their reviver, the charge will deplete. The farther away from the reviver, the more charge is depleted, up to a max of 25 (1/4 of the total charge capacity). To recharge the reviver, the ship must be docked at a Shipyard. If the player respawns and there is not enough charge left on the reviver to accommodate that respawn, a shockwave will go through the ship slightly damaging every part. This will happen every time the player respawns with insufficient charge.