Worlds Adrift Wiki

Current Maps: Worlds Adrift - New Foundations (Early Access)[]

Latest map introduced with Update 27.

  • Maps are currently the same for all servers. however resource rates may vary.
  • Mapping has been done by two ongoing community projects. Both have no official ties to Bossa Studios or subsidiaries.

Cardinal Guild[]

Valid for Update 31 | Interactive Map | Full-Res Static Map Link
Early Access (Phase 2).png

Worlds Adrift Community Map Project[]

Valid for Update 28 | (WIP) Interactive Map | Full-Res Static Map Link

Map History[]


Alpha 06[]

Alpha 06 (Phase 1).png

Closed Beta[]

Closed Beta Phase #1[]

US East/EU West[]

Closed Beta (Phase 1 USE-EUW).png
Map for the US East and EU West servers.

US West/EU East[]

Closed Beta (Phase 1 USW-EUE).png
Map for the US West and EU East servers.

Closed Beta Phase #2[]

Closed Beta (Phase 2).png
Second map of closed beta.

Early Access[]

Early Access Phase #1[]

Early Access (Phase 1).png
First map of early access.