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Islands are the main content of Worlds Adrift, each one is unique and most are created by the Worlds Adrift community through the free Island Creator tool available on Steam.


Islands typically are covered in Trees, Metal ore nodes and Fuel, which can be salvaged. But Island Creators can also place scrap piles which yield a piece of scrap, with lore, which can be salvaged for some materials.

Resources on islands will reset every 1.5 to 2 hours, during what is known as an "understorm". These storms strike the island from below and replace all the metal ore nodes as well as the scrap piles. Trees will regrow at their own rate but logs that are on the ground will be removed when an understorm hits .


Island Creators can place Chests throughout the island. Usually there will be 1 to 3 Gold Chest and up to 5 Silver ones. These yield schematics, lore, materials and other objects like Torches and Chests. After being looted they will despawn. All chests will respawn during the understorm, though not always in the same place.


Islands are also repositories of Knowledge with the Ancient Databanks which can each be scanned once for knowledge (the amount varies for each biome) and each island has a maximum of 5. As well as this, players can scan the island assets for small amounts of knowledge, each asset can only be scanned once.


Creatures will usually migrate from island to island within the sector, apart from Jellyfish who don't really move at all. On islands creatures will lay their eggs, which eventually hatch into new Creatures