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Gear are equipable items that grant the player unique skills and advantages. This is different from clothing which has no effect on gameplay. Equipped in the character tab, you are limited to three gear slots. As of now, the only gear available is the Glider, Hip Lantern, and Head Torch.

List of Gear[]


Main article: Glider

The Glider can be found in tier 3 areas. However, you have to go to the badlands to get a schematic for one. It can be used as a way to more easily move horizontally in the air, and also unlocks the ability to "skydive" when equipped: the player can control the character's direction and speed a small amount when falling while the Glider is equipped. By default, the key to activate the Glider is Spacebar.

Hip Lantern[]

Main article: Hip Lantern

The Hip Lantern is a useful tool for exploring caves, as it allows the player to carry a hands-free light source. It provides a light aura in a small area around the player.

Head Torch[]

Main article: Head Torch

The Head Torch, similar to the Hip Lantern, is a directional light source shining a light cone in whichever direction the player's head is pointing.

Epheremus Drifter[]

Epheremus Drifters were used to briefly subvert the rules of motion to travel short distances under atlas power

Rhegus Greaves[]

Experimental boots from famed inventor Rhegus Dawn. Harnesses atlas to allow walking on any surface


Temporarily suspend all movement. Momentum is restored afterwards.