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There are 3 different styles of data banks

Data banks are the most common way to accrue knowledge in the game. They are found in varying amounts on almost every island, but no more than 5 can be placed on each island. The community-made map shows the amount of data banks that are on each island. Each data bank will provide the character with an amount of knowledge depending on what biome they are in: 25 for Wilderness, 30 for Expanse, 35 for Remnants, and 40 for Badlands. Knowledge can only be acquired once from each data bank per character, like the other in-game assets and lore.

Sometimes, island creators are sneaky with their data bank placement or have placed 5 data banks at the end of a puzzle, so make sure you look all over the islands for those databanks. File:DatabanksPuzzle.png File:DatabanksHidden.png