Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

l 'eard there was a beautiful lad up Mount o' Plenty my sister spyed. So we goes up togevver, and she turns round to me and says, "there he is". And she were right, there he was, tall dark stranger out in the field gathrin' corn. What 'maises me is what my sister does next. She shouts "Oi, sexy!" and then pushes me out from where we was hid, so it look like it was me what said it.

Then he looks up, and smiles, but then he suddenly goes berserk-like. I says, ”what is it?” an'ee says "behind you!"

That's when there's a creakin' like a coffin door, death comin' on us like, and there's a rustlin' like the winds o' change, and 'fore we know it there's a forest grown up round us, and plants in our face. We was pafetic, cos we jus' shrieked an' that, while this lad was threshin' his big knife tryin' to save us.

Finally, he calms us down like, sayin' "go left" and what have you. Then we start cuttin' through these grasses with our hands but they're sharp like razors, and finally we meet him, but we're all covvered in blood like. And we crawl out on ar' bellies, and he's like "well'un for gettin' out, people's died to them Sirens."

We 'ad dinner round theirs, it was hot corn soup. S'alright l spose, but they dint 'ave much since they gotta pay a lotta corn tithe. Said the Sirens been a right menace this year, and they don't want nuffink to do wiv corn no more, but there ain't nuffink else to choose.