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Section 1 MISSING

We are the Krakenites. We don the mask and body of the Kraken. You may have seen our mission pamplets in your area. If you are baffled, then let us reiterate; The world would not be the same without Krakens.

Perhaps you think a baby Kraken is an easy target for food or sport, as it wallows in our estuaries, and that we should just let nature take its course and allow their species to die out. While a full grown adult is the most fearsome creature in Foundation, Kraken babies are a failure of evolution, a harmless thing to be preyed upon by human and animal predators alike.

But it is this attitude that almost caused Krakens to become extinct two-hundred years ago. Since then, the Krakenites of the Great Marshas have gathered with the unremitting intention of keeping these wonderful creatures alive.
It is not "natural selection" that defines the continued existence of the Kraken, but the "unnatural selection" imposed by our changes to their enviroment, our hunting of them, the vast number of ships in the seas and skies, water pollution, changes to the climate caused by our guzzling of Atlas.

Section 2

Alright, there aren't many left, and they have problems breeding. Their almost singular food source, plankton, is ever more scarce since the quakes began. They have digestive problems that lead to poor health; and because they are secretive and live in the deepest abyssal ocean, trying to understand they way they live is a complex challenge.

If the Kraken were beautiful, really beautiful, then non-Krakenites might care more for their wellbeing. But because they are not - 'though of course we Krakenites love then - the arguments for their preservation remain all the stronger.
The removal of any species, big or minute, foul or fair, has dramatic consequences for those that remain - soon we will be saying the same thing about the Thuntomite, or long-necks. When the beasts of our world die, we humans will be left in an empty Foundation, friendless and lost. We will suffer intolerable loneliness and displacement. All things are one - and whatever fate befalls the kraken, will soon befall us.

Mortin Granvik
The Krakenites