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<an article in "The Horticulturist" a Mellifluan magazine>

Although it is true that the Verdubans have a preoccupation with the human body, and particularly its more base functions, it is an outright myth that the Verdubans always walk around naked. To do this in their chill climate would be absurd. Indeed, their ritual only occurs (if you exclude the mid bath-houses and attendances at public theatre, which are always conducted nude) once a year.

This is event is festival week, held in honour of the Ice God. Though the exact date varies, it is always held around the summer equinox, where there is almost no darkness at all. Nudity is both more comfortable on hot summer days, and apart from anything else, is an outward celebration of freedom, not some insular perversion. It is this principal that has won me over.

There is nothing strange about obsession with the body. After all, we have a strange relationship with it, do we not? It is definitively ours to own, yet we are not always fully in possession of it. That the sculptures, flags and motifs of the Verdubans are adorned with its components is representative of the importance of it to them. The question foremost in their minds is "what are we made of?"

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