Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

Why me?

My special knowledge of his family complaint. He insisted l return with him to his country and treat his children.

Why did I go to Sabor?

l was too curious about the way the complaint had broken out upon their skin, I had to know more.

What does it matter?

When I arrived, I almost forgot myself. I didn't think a city could be anything but ugly, crudely hewn, an insult to Meth. But I was wrong. All could think on were the wonders I saw.

Why so wondrous?

It was natural. lts creators must channel Meth's spirit. The city is clean and sharp like a flint, but clear like water and blends like the leaf-insect.

What did l see?

Filled with joy, l longed to wander among the towers. He gripped me by the arm, and said I must not get lost. I saw gardens of delight, hot pools and fountains, and the beautiful bathers. Their bodies were healthy, and l delight in cleanliness.

What else? The other parts, that are man-made, they are sheer-built with brick as the sand cliffs all around. There are bronze caskets of metal that raise us up with a whirr, so that we may be among the arches and domes, and a skyline that spins many loops before it breaks.

But what of the complaint?

The skin complaint was mild, but they feared the worst. The father comforted the young daughter, who had been many weeks alone in his absence. I used the stone l had brought with me, and assured her she would be free of the complaint within a moon. She was afraid of my doctor's mask, and asked after it. I said it separated me from myself.

What did I gain by it?

l gained the friendship of the girls and their father. They believe greatly in helping one another, and l was glad to be able to help them. They presented me a hat made of duck feathers, and regretted they could not give me more. I know now, Sabor is the most noble place.