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Theatre Review from the publication, "Hedonist - The Magazine for Mellifluan Fetishists"

The festival at Kubo is now concluded, and l have to say, it was a thoroughly dismal trip. Mellifluan theatre is really the most tedious, gaseous and laboured of all art forms. The fact that these performers are paid in currency for their shambolic attempts at replicating the dreary everyday miseries of Mellifluans rankles as much as anything else. Not to mention the suffocating ubiquity of those wretched beetle-blood loin cloths they drape everywhere. Every set design seems to be the same; mountains and mountains of that stupefying cloth.

In fact the only thing I can recommend that isn't bettered in our own productions is the curious use of animals. There was one particular play in which this produced some very entertaining moments. Yes, "Mo" as he is known by the crowds, is a donkey with the most remarkable stage presence.

They say it's more the things he doesn't do, than the things he does. His performances were just so effortless, so natural. You may not be familiar with "Rethinga," the classic Melliflaun drama, but the original play casts a horse in the role. l'm not sure if they were short of horses, but l'm of the opinion that the donkey was a better casting decision. Frankly the whole point is that the Queen's chosen lover is more modest and humble than the other suitors, so where a horse might seem a little aloof, a donkey is perfect.

The depravity of the Mellifluans knows no bounds, but suffice to say this donkey "Mo" put a lot of relish into the wedding scenes, and it paid off handsomely. Rightly or wrongly the scene had the audience in fits.