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Section 1 MISSING

Section 2

Last night was the worst of it. I saw a mirror of the mask, slick, scaled, its eyes without emotion. Then it came to life, striking at me with its curved fangs. In these dreams it is as if I am tied down, unable to move, and the snake strikes me relentlessly until I am dead.

I have remained indoors for several days. I will not go into the trees, for fear of seeing them, those little coils of rope that may unwind at any moment.

It does not help me that the Pekoe persist with these masks. I would prefer if I could see their faces, to know how they react to what I do. Do they like me? Am I going about my work and study well? I confess I have no understanding, or desire to understand, their obsession with Atlas as a medical tool. I see no benefit in holding stone above a man's head until he becomes bored at the sight of it. I argue with them, but I cannon dispute the results.

Section 3

I saw a real snake on the grass. I put my hand over my mouth so as to stifle my scream. The snake seemed scared. I stepped away from it and went quickly inside.

It was a vile thing, but not nearly as frightening as the mask I saw. It is a relief to have finally seen one.

My dreams have subsided, but I had another episode last night. Though the creatures and the masks were there, I am learning to contend with them. Soon I will tug the fabric of the dreamworld my way, become its master again. The masks will fall and I'll see the faces behind them.