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Section 1

Perhaps the finest Pati-Pikk player of our time, Jun Elswin, is unsurprisingly a student of the great Lemin Mura, and trained at the renowned music academy of Kubo University.

"It's the one arena in which Panyana is trumped, they have a weak and directionless music department," Jun once said.

In recent years, what with the closure of Kubo University, Elswin has taken to playing in bars around the city, and even holding concerts in the old campus buildings.

"It's strange to think the Pati-Pikk is a Gallish instrument, it's like watching Bandinians play bad lallara! I mean they do have some great technical attributes, but none are self-taught like me. They embrace the rigid frameworks that everyone needs to learn. but lack the flair to extend beyond them."

Elswin will be performing a new epic "Life's red fabric" aboard the Frillship Bellowes on her tour of Melliflua between lst and 22nd of Kif.