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From: Dawnfire Systems

Attn: Mercantile Authority

For our glorious Empress, the Warlock, the Elder and the court.

Dawnfire's offer:

160,000,000 Spirits all told, to be paid in exchange for the desired components.

My scribe tells me we have plenty of stock already, and it needs only final testing. We anticipate you choosing Dawnfire as ever, and the team already set to work on the remaining parts.

On the matter of our Sky Hulks, they have disappointed me as much they have you.
The foreman tells me it has been difficult getting the necessary Galiish co-operation. Seven Gall boffins did not come to help us finish maintenance and found a few things needed adjusting, but if we'd known sooner, it would have saved a lot of trouble.

We're trying to ascertain the fundamentals behind these automata. I have a feeling we are closer to a solution, but just need a bit more time. According to the blueprints, everything must be built in such a way that the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Not sure if Eagle-eye say the same? Whatever they come up with, I guarantee we can match them on price and promise.

More good news then as we note there are no problems with your previous order - the granite-boring drills - and we see you've made great gains in the Kioki mountains over the past two months.

Regards to the Empress,

Nabob Rhegus Dawn,
Dawnfire Systems (of Murgatary)

Section 3

From: Eagle-eye Technologies

Attn: Mercantile Authority

For our glorious Empress, the Warlock, the Elder and the court.

Our offer is Sp100,000,000. We're always the best price and promise, and put Dawnfire's poor record to shame.

Let us know if you wish to make a fresh start with us, and we'll get everything you ordered over to the muster point as soon as we can. We've had no problems with any of our prototypes of your equipment, and the testing's all been fine so far.

If we could get an advance on the payment, that would be great, as the cost of the materials is high. Say half the cost of the Ailerons - amount to Sp10,000,000?

We can go even lower if it means beating Dawnfire to the contract. We care about the Unity, and want to make components that actually work so we can win the war. Because of this we have agreed to set aside all profit-making for this noble cause, hence the low price.

Regards to the Empress, Horris Feather Eagle-eye Technologies (of Oppeetobee)

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From: The Mercantile Authority of Ten-Rui

Attn: Dawnfire

Nothing obliges us to reply to you, but being honourable, we shall do so anyway.

We hope you are not trying to defame your competitor with unproven accusations of espionage?

The details of the contract between your competitor and the Authority is none of your business. The Authority (and indeed the Empress herself) is not open to question buy anyone, or anything, regardless of their standing at Court.
Your Sky Hulks are appalling, ,and there can be no doubt they have cost us time, money, and effort in the war. It is only fortunate the enemy seem to have had similar troubles.
Business is business, and your pricing was a long way off the winning bid.

Mercantile Authority of Ten-Rui
Under the hammer of the Warlock of Planchet and Purse, and Nabob Fippe.

Section 7

From: Dawnfire

Attn: Mercantile Authority

Thank you for taking the time to look into the matter. We respect that your decision is final. The door is always open, so do keep us abreast of any future work you may have for us.

Regards to the Empress,

Dawnfire Systems (of Murgatary)

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