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I hesitated.

"What are you waiting for? Do it!"

I put one hand on the speaker, and brought it up to my mouth. The other hand hovered above the red button. Then I pressed it. I held his gaze as I spoke.

"We are gods."

I heard the fragile echo from the loudspeaker. My voice sounded strained. Telemon grimaced. I cleared my throat before continuing.

"I know many of you listening, both here in Redusa and in the other great cities, have been hearing scurrilous rumours. Defamations of the worst kind..."

Telemon nodded encouragement. I saw now he meant to stay until the end. He didn't know I was thinking of wrecking him.

"...well, there is truth in those rumours."

I paused for a long time. Telemon waved his hands to urge me on. Now would be the perfect moment.

"The truth is that.. Premier Telemon is indeed past the age of ascension. But, do not worry. No crime has been committed, no ungodly deception conveived."

Telemon smiled his smug smile, I hadn't let him down. I wondered what it was that made me lie for him. Surely the people will see through this charade.

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