Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

We are gods. Let us celebrate awakening.

We are gods. Let us work closely.

We alone are gods.

For Sabor!

So I recite at assembly. My mouth opens and shuts upon the words, but I myself have drifted. I am thinking of you, father.

If you had grown any older, we would have been the shame of Momoros. Let us hope you can make yourself heard in the Aetherium, and that your weak voice is not drowned.

I know we do not agree on apotheosis. Taking you to the Rising Place, seeing you die so unhappily, was difficult for me. I could have revealed your cowardice in that moment to the family, but I haven't.

What I know is, that when it is my turn, I will embrace death, and from it, the dawn of my new life as a god. I will join in the Aetherium to watch Sabor grow and thrive. Oh how we can be together again, intervening in most mysterious ways!

I long to discover how my little brother truly is, for he suffered in life. I long to see beneath the mask of his defect, and understand what he was trying to say all those years. Will you greet him in Aetherium for me? As you know, I must now work to earn my place there with you - put in a good word for me!

May you be very busy in your new assignment.

Of the Assembly