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Section 1

Temendia's speech (c. 3005)

"I keep hearing stories about the children up the Mount of Plenty not having enough to eat. Well, what about our children!? The children of our greatest citizens? If the children of gods do not eat, they shy should anyone else expect to?

I made a visit to the province of Cross Fields just recently, and found many Pilipai to be disinterested in an honest day's work. One imagines country life to be pretty straighforward, but there are so many distractions now - all this nonsense from outside - that a lot of these Pilipai stand around chewing grass and chattering like dumb Bandini. How can we hope to become god, if the industry beneath us slumps?

The Pilopai are our footstool, they help us reach up high. But what happens when your footstool breaks, or wobbles? Do you use it for firewood, and go without, or do you mend it, keeping it braced to its task?

I therefore propose to the Committee, a greater involvement of the godhands in the provinces, and thus better discipline of the Pilipai. In addition, I suggest slackest Pilipai might share bread with Bandini prisoners until they are able to see what a hard life is really like. Thank you. We are gods."