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Section 1

3rd Cobb, 2866.

Everyone is talking about him, at school I mean. Kouros' music is amazing, but it's his pictures that are really hot.

The oldies say he is ungodly thin, and as us what's wrong with Saborian musicians. Everything, that's what.

I drew one of him looking out a window, and one sitting cross-legged, thinking. I think my sketches are pretty ok.

Section 2

17th Cob 2866
Oh I'm god, Oh I'm god - he is coming to Redusa on a frillship next month!

Apparently he is from Melliflua, wherever that is.

I'm not telling dad, I'm just going to go. Mari says she can get us tickets, her mum works at the skyport.

Section 3

14th Ichthuna 2866

Mari says there are no tickets to see Kouros. The frill is only "flying over", and it's not actually going to land. My theory is the Stalk think it'll unbalance us, like the books and everything else. I looked forward to this for weeks. We can still play his records, but I'm so mad, I wanted to see him. How could he let me down? I am god.

Section 4 MISSING

Section 5

20th Kif 2866

Mari agreed! We spoke, and we agreed on it. We're doing it!

Sometimes when you have a glass of water on a table, and it's all perfect and still, you just want to knock it over. Do you get that?

Section 6

1st Wewe 2866
I haven't told Mari, but I'm so scared. She seems to be fine with all of this, that we're here, in Kubo. It's so dirty in the caravansary, and I don't understand what anyone is saying.

I don't like it here. I want to go home.

Section 7

2nd Wewe 2867

I've checked the skyship times, and there's one tomorrow back to Momoros, and we can catch another from there back to Redusa the day after we land.

Today was better. Ok we didn't see Kouros, but we did see his poster! I still love him. We had some weird food - everything's so dirty, and I swear the guy who made mine had dirty hands.

We did some shopping, I got an amazing red dress with a gap at the hip (just like the girls on Kouros' poster), but then Mari and I argued.

Section 8

4th Wewe 2867
We're still here. I got Mari to agree to go back, but storms delayed the flight until the day after tomorrow. Mari said she's only going back with me because she doesn't want to stay here on her own. We're not really talking.

In the evening I went a bit further into town, and it was really creepy. It was so loud, and there were people everywhere, it was chaos. Then a drunk old guy hit on me in a rug shop, so I went back to the caravansary, and I was kind of glad to see Mari again.

Section 9

5th Weve 2867
Last night was amazing! Amazing!

We were talking to the owner, saying we were going back to Sabor tomorrow. He speaks Saborian pretty well. He was crying, putting his hands in the air, saying it was a terrible shame. He's been really friendly the whole week, telling us where we can find this, that and the other - kind of creepy actually. Anyway we told him that we were really disappointed not to catch a glimpse of Kouros, and had no idea the city would be this big.

Anyway, he starts laughing really hard, which wasn't like him at all, I mean he seemed really kind until that moment, and then he just seemed like a bastard, laughing at us.

Then, when he finally manages to stop, he says, "My cousin is Kouros." Then he falls on his knees, and starts laughing even harder, slapping the reception desk. Then we start laughing, but we don't know why!

Finally, like ages later, when we've stopped laughing, he says he will take us to meet him tomorrow! Amazing!

Section 10

6th Wewe 2867

Here's the problem. If we go tonight with Hamesh (the laughing guy), we're going to miss the skyship, and be here another two weeks! Dad still doesn't know where I am. I mean he doesn't own me, you know, but he would probably like to know.

Section 11

7th Wewe 2867

Oh I'm god, we stayed in Melliflua! What a night it turned out to be...

Hamesh took us over to the massive habitat they called a "house", which is crawling with ivy. The difference between the grandeur of this building and, for example, any other I had seen in Kubo, was incredible. The door opened, and a servant appeared! I said it was cruel to have servants, Mari said "better to have a servant in plain sight, than to have them toil unseen."

Anyway, we were led to a grand and fragrant ballroom. There were cushions on the floors. The walls were made of the most brilliant red and green silks. There were hundreds of people there. Kouros' music was playing - I know all the words, but I had to pretend I knew what they meant when I danced.

Then I saw him. He was so elegant, his black sweep of hair, his wild green eyes. But on his arm was an elegant woman. <y heart sank, but I tried to not let it show as Hamesh introduced us.

"I'm a huge fan," I said. It must have sounded stupid, even though I practiced the phrase all day.Kouros smiled politely, said something to Hamesh, and moved on. But before there was time for me to feel gloomy, Hamesh showed us to a table, and we were served some amazing food, and wine in long carafes. We chatted for hours with the people there, they were all really nice - and happy to try their Saborian on us.

Goes a bit hazy after that. Spent today recovering.

Section 12

8th Wewe 2867

We met up with some of the people from Hamesh' place, and they planned for us to go to a weavery. The weaveries are places you can go to make stuff (like anything), and play games and relax on the grass. It was a bit cold today, but we had a great time.

Timor is the guy I like the most, but I think MAri likes him too. We were talking about Kouros' party, and I put my foor in it. I was talking about how beautiful his girlfriend was, and Timor was like "woah, no that's not a girl, it's a guy-girl."

Then he had to explain about the god Baliandri, and all of that. But now I know!

Section 13

11th Wewe 2867
They always used to brag about how we have no need for money hack home. But here I'm paying for stuff using my entitlement book - cutout, the stamps are really valuable here. It's basically like money. So we do have money, it just doesn't look like money.

Section 14

17th Wewe 2867

I've actually started to learn a bit of Mellifluan. IT's a beautiful sounding language, I just don't understand what any of it means!

Saw a horrible thing today. We were on a walk ot a small town ehre they make traditional bread. There were these men all dressed in rags, asking for money. They looked really ill, about to die - they weren't even old enough to rise. I felt sick, and so sorry for them. I've never seen anything like it. It would never be allowed to happen like that back home.

Mari said that's because I'd never seen how the farmers and the other Pilipai live, outside the walls, "and, what about the Bandini?" she said. She was really passionate about it, and knew a lot more than me, and it made me feel stupid in front of the others.

Section 15 MISSING