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Section 1

We used to call her "Sweaty Hettie", and though I feel terrible about it now, she hasn't let it get to her. But it was bad back then. I remember when we were teenagers, our little gang went up to her mother's farm, just on the edge of the ice sheet. They were House of Underarm Hair, and Hettie was embarrassed about it. We used to should into the bar every morning;

"Sweaty Hettie! Hairy Arms, Hairy Face. Sweaty Hettie!"

I remember she stayed in the barn all summer. No-one saw her come out. The rumour was the Boege family had a doctor come all the way from Muskdog, but he said he couldn't do anything for her. A few years later we heard she'd run away. Her family even held a funeral when they couldn't find her. Little did they know...

Here's to me looking at her guide to Melliflua. I was too scared to go, but reading it, I feel a lot better about it. I wish I had her courage, I really do.