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Section 1

Summary Card of the Aetherial Games 2084, held in the city of Conos.

Victory Medals, and order of Godliness
11 - Sabor
3 - Kioki Unity (Ishgiru, Karem, Pin)
3 - Chabuti
2 - Melliflua
2 - Great Marsha
2 - Vinicoti
1 - Verduba
0 - Green Islands
0 - Bandinia, Tarrery, Koinos, Gall

Winners of individual events
Long-jumping Great Marsha, by two feet.
Tonking Sabor, beating Verduba 6-1 in the final.
Lallara Sabor, by default. (Bandinian victory in the final overruled for repeated fouling)
Skysailing Verduba, by three nautical miles.
Aerial Combat Sabor, by K.O.
Pistol Duelling Kioki (Pin), by K.O.
Gliding Sabor, by 107m
Stone Throw Sabor, by 1.1m
Cooking - Dessert Chabuti, by 8 scoffings.
Cooking - Starter Melliflua, by 1 scoffing.
Cooking - Main Course Kioki (Karem), by 2 portions.
Underwater Swimming Great Marsha, by 5m
Overwater Swimming Vinicoti by 1m
Apotheon Sabor, by four minutes
Free Climbing Sabor, by two footholds.
Weightlifting Chabuti, by three blocks.
Becat Dice Chabuti, by six hands.
Sprinting Sabor, by 1.5m.
Long-distance Run Sabor, by default (Bandinian contestant disqualified for excessing effort noises).
Wrestling Sabor, by K.O.
Body-Building Sabor, by 12 points
Stilt-Walking Kioki (Ishgiru), by three legs.
Spear Throw Vinicoti, during sudden death.
Drinking Melliflua, by six-barrels.