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Section 1

Stalk Committee Flyer, 3026
Three years ago, I argued that we needed to look outside our own country if we were to meet the challenges of the third millennium.

Though I still believe that, I look at Redusa and it stirs my pride. I see the happy swimmers at the cloistrum, and the beauty of the delta. There is nothing we do not have that is worth having. It is this committee's aim to keep it that way.

We regret what has happened in Bandinia, despite reasons we may have for being less charitable towards them. But what's done is done. We move on for the better.

That is why we have decided to support the Mellifluans in their war against their neightbours Chabuti. This means more of our men and women will be heading to the Korchis mountains to bolster our allies. They join a find cause, which will bring them close to god.

We are gods.

<some scrawl is written over the flyer that reads "Nonsense, we're fighting for Atlas!">

Section 2

Stalk Committee Flyer, 3027
We knew that the Mellifluans would let us down, but looking ahead, it leaves the future very much in our hands. Sometimes that means making tough decisions, or hearing arguments we don't want to hear.

We are a proudly independent nation, and we intend to remain that way. In the past we have stayed out of Foundation matters, and that has suited us well. But times change, and we need to make concessions and sacrifices, such as sending our brave men and women to Melliflua. It's important that they expropriate the munitions, skyships and structures that we so generously provided before the alliance was breached.

The Mellifluans are a people who will stop at nothing to take, take and take again. They made peace with Chabuti because the received a better offer from the Unity, and we've learned a lesson or two about trust.

What we know now is that these nations are jealous of us. They have our noble deeds, they hate our happiness - a wealth that is beyond gold. We must show them how wrong they are.

We are gods.

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Section 5

Stalk Committee Flyer, 3031

At the heart of a Saborian, is not material wealth, but our determination to live the ideal life, and live it as equals.

This is why it is important, in uncertain times, to turn to those who have the difficult decisions to make, and to understand why they say the things they do.

What are we asking is that you take any wanton Atlas items to the amnesty in your city center, to help give our troops a fighting chance. We are doing well, but we could be doing so much better with with your help. Just remember, when the war ends, you'll get everything back and more.

As we speak, more mines are opening up all over Milliflua, we just need a small loan to get the tools and equipment we need to dig deeper and faster, and get ourselves back on track.

War is temporary, our future is permanent. Freedom, Equality, We are god!

Section 6

Stalk Committee Flyer, 3034
This is it. The time has come to live up to our promises. We told you we'd win the war, and looking at the facts, we've made positive strides toward that end.

A lot of you have been asking about the effectiveness of the Sky Hulks. Well, you're right to ask. We admit, things haven't been good enough, but there are redrafts on the table, and we'll be looking very closesly at the technical side with our Gallish friends.

We are gods.

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Section 8

Stalk Committee Flyer, 3039
There have been accusations, there have been demonstrations. But in uncertain times, it's important that we stick together. Great Epilomelos, when faced with heavy odds sought to unite his people, not divide them.

As a statement of our commitment to the cause, we reveal today the true function of the Stalk - the best kept secret we have. The Stalk is a ship. She is the greatest ever built. We never thought we'd see her on the front line, but if ever there was a time, that time is now. Today we cut loose the chock buttresses, and tomorrow she takes to the air.

She will joing the vast flotilla, heralding the definitive encounter in our history.
We must. Strike. Now.

Women, children, Pilipai, join us. If you have any sort of ship, jump aboard and help us defeat the Kioki once and for all. It will be an epic battle, a great rising. We set off at dawn, and redezvous with the fleet over Ocean's fall.

We shall rise. We are gods.