Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

"...We need you, you need us. Do not shirk your work."

Section 2

"...If the sea swallows us, bring forth the first grain of sand, and let us rebuild."

Section 3

"...We are gods. Consider; is what you do godly? Is it edifying?"

Section 4

"...Heed not news from Bandinia, keep you head high, and remember that we are god."

Section 5

"...The elderly are not wise Do not respect them, but keep them safe from harm. Pity their cowardice."

Section 6

"...all assignments are equal. Envy is not the province of the gods."

Section 7

"...needy citizens are your responsibility. See that they are happy. You are god, you have untold power, keep them safe."

Section 8

"...No animal shall be sacrificed without good reason but the greedy seabird, whom you may kill readily."

Section 9

" share is the most satisfying indulgence"

Section 10

" not urinate in the Cloistrum waters, it is ungodly foul."

Section 11

" die is to ascend. We are gods."

Section 12

"Boros" (Mating Pool)

Section 13

"This is the Apotheon. Only god can surmount it."

Section 14

"The Assembly Stalk.
We are gods. Let us celebrate awakening.
We are gods. Let us work closely.
We alone are gods.
For Sabor!"

Section 15 MISSING

Section 16 MISSING

Section 17

"Saborians out! Kioki save us! Stop our slavery!"

Section 18 MISSING

Section 19 MISSING

Section 20

"No brawling, especially in the upper bar."

Section 21 MISSING

Section 22

"Baliandri respects our differences, be yourself"

Section 23

"World-famous museum of Kubo - miraculous beetle-blood textiles. Become a member today, and receive a free handwoven cushion."

Section 24 MISSING

Section 25 MISSING

Section 26

"The pirate king rules."

Section 27

Stone Engraving I commemorate the greatest empire there has ever been. The kingdom of Fasio, in this, the year 746. Greater than Melliflua, Sabor, or Pin. Let Chabuti forever rule these shores and be possessed of riches, and fine nut-vittles.

Section 28 MISSING

Section 29

"Society of Verduban benefactors - est. 2773."

Section 30

"Here lieth King Ning. He consumed water that was too cold, and was frozen from the inside. It was the Ice God's wish."

Section 31 MISSING

Section 32

"House of the Cornea"

Section 33 MISSING

Section 34

"House of the Gangleon"

Section 35 MISSING

Section 36 MISSING

Section 37 MISSING

Section 38 MISSING

Section 39

"Onnet - Certifiably bee free."

Section 40 MISSING

Section 41 MISSING

Section 42 MISSING

Section 43 MISSING

Section 44 MISSING

Section 45 MISSING

Section 46 MISSING

Section 47 MISSING

Section 48

"This hospital was constructed in the year 2820 at the behest of Nabob Lammon Lammon, formerly of the city of Kar, Karem, now a citizen of the Kioki Unity and the great city of Ten-Rui. It was opened by Empress Tarramaggi, as a gesture of goodwill between we, the Pekoe, and our distant neighbours across the water. May it keep us safe from perils and diseases and grant us longer, or eternal life."

Section 49 MISSING

Section 50 MISSING

Section 51 MISSING