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In the second month, Limbo blew Foundation like a blub of glass from the darkness, and its crown was covered in ice. Fire warmed the ice, and the water that gushed forth bore long grasses, and mother Methindri as a clan. Methindri chanced to swallow a grass seed passing on the wind, and grew legs and a womb. Then she gave birth to Baliandri, Mothus and Shabo, and retired beneath the waves to cry at what she had done.

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Seeing her rage, Agonon said unto his beloved, "do not punish my infidelity, for you too are fragile of mind, and you too have been Baliandri's companioin. Sentiment must not lead us, or we will be brought to destruction."
Shabo replieth, "Yes, Agonon, but my love prevails over frivolous desire. Be assured I shall have my vengeance upon thee."