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Section 1

Dear B,

I thought I'd pop this through the door. Cillo has had a wonderful time on holiday in the north country - near Agbana. She said the people outside the city were very poor but they had wonderful fresh produce like kiils and ogballs, and that they knew very little of proper living.

Anyway that's not what I wanted to tell you. You wouldn't believe it, but yesterday I took the lift to store fourteen to pick up some stuff, and you'd never believe who I saw there; it was Premier Telemon. Somehow I didn't think him so humdrum as to swap stamps for groceries, but there he was - just like anyone else really, but exceedingly well-washed.

Funny thing is, he had such a nice smile> He even helped me carry my bags from the store, he still finds time to keep himself in shape! I popped him the odd question you know, "are we really running low on Atlas?" and he was frank, just said that the assemble was working hard to deal with these issues. He even offered to show me round the assembly rooms, but shyness got the better of me!

See you at the cloistrum tormorrow afternoon, Phenus will be there strutting his stuff, so you won't want to miss that! Who knows, you two could end up in the Boros! Tee Hee.

Viola. x