Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

Seven senators sit straight-backed against their thrones around the heart-shaped table. The table is inscribed with the Rebus symbology that is key to the decryptions.
Archdean Me-Niata is head of the Senate, though here elder Cambrina holds the papers. Outside the day is bright, and the vines so lush on the colonnades, that you can almost see them growing. The sun filters in through the mullioned windows, and motes of dust swirl from the closing pages of the archive.
"Archiving is done. Please invite the Liaison Trustees in."
"Yes, sister Me-Niata," says a prodigious young scholar, opening the thousand-year-old door. Day floods in, and Gu-Do of the Liaison Trustees pants up to the table with sticky hands.
"Do you have the new papers for me?" shy says, unable to catch breath.
"Please sit down," says Me-Niata, "it is impolite to begin without pleasantries."
"I don't have time for this," says Gu-Do. She huffs onto an empty chair, and leans into the table.
"I'd also rather have this be over with," says Me-Niata, "Cambrina?"
Cambrina seems nervous.
"Yes, we have completed some amendments to the hulks, as you asked Trustee Gu-Do."
Cambrina slides the mess of papers over the table. Gu-Do nods, and ushers her assistant in to gather them, which she does with some difficulty.
"Will these advances be..significant?"
"Yes m'am."

Section 2

The answer does not satisfy Gu-Do. She scratches the corners of her mouth, before addressing Archdean Me-Niata again.
"I mean to say, will the improved performance of these hulks give them more influence in the war?"
"That is for the manufacturers and the combatants to prove. We only deal in concepts and theories,"says Me-Niata.
"With the greatest respect, the University is our only export. The people Efflua and Semyon depend upon it. You yourselves depend upon it."
Ne-Niata clasps her palms, and the meet each other's stare. Gu-Do finds it hard to conceal the jealousy on her smooth face. Me-Niata, transcendence in here eyes, had the life she'd always wanted.
"Are theses designs not bringing in adequate custom Trustee Gu-Do?"
"We have received sums commensurate in both Atlas and other commodities."
"There you are then."
"But we have also received complaints, threats from across the warm sea."

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Section 4

"May we speak in private?" says Me-Niata.

"Whyever should we do that?" says Gu-Do.

"In life, I wish to avoid confrontation. Speaking in private will benefit us both."

"Very well."

"Leave us," Commands Me-Niata, and the guards, Gu-do's entourage and the Senate depart in a muffled mingle of feet.

"I admit Gu-Do, there have been some compromises to our original deal," she begins.

Gu-Do's hat droops from its correct position, but she is too furious too notice.

"Explain yourself!"

"We hoped ponderous hulks might-"

"Might what?"

"That neither side would make progress, that war would fade."

"Do you know nothing of the world?"

"The conflict is having a very serious effect on Foundation. Research shows..."

"I do not care a jot for the research. You do not rule Gall, it is the Trustees that see this University remain open for business. You will sell your souls or have them sold for you."

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