Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

Though a Mellifluan, it is said he was hired to defend the ship of the Empress herself, even as it sailed into the final battle. All the more remarkable then, that he survived - and long enough to see us through the darkness to safety, and to find a well of water on our little island when the world began again, just like his gods said it would. Creation, preservation, destruction, creation.

Being on that ship, he saw a lot. The battles, the casualties. How the hulks blotted out the sun, and the storms threw everyone about so they couldn't even see.

But the thing that he let slip that clenched my fists, was that Sabor could have surrendered, he insisted, the war began. They had a chance to come to an agreement before it even started, he said. But the Empress and her cronies would have nothing of it.

We might still have Foundation beneath us, if only they had done the right thing.