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Section 1 MISSING

Section 2

We disregard worldly things. Skyships have no place here, nor Atlas trinkets and baubles. We will not tolerate Ishgiru jewels or extravagances. Nature has brought us together for a purpose, our minds must be uncluttered. The dome is our one indulgence, it controls the four winds, it is an extension of Malagawny himself.

Malagawny cleanses us. If you pass through his body, your history is cleansed. You are born again. a Green Islander, just as I was. Many who arrive are exiles, criminals, but we don't judge them, or speak further on it. Some leave as quickly, or find this way of life not to their liking. But many more stay behind, and now we have families whose children have never been beyond the spout. From what we hear of Foundation, that can only be a good thing.

Section 3

We disregard the world beyond Malagawny. Through the years, the one thing that has remained constant is our love for the islands. These islands are not possessions, they have their own minds. The crown is where we reside, where shards of Atlas jut upward and give these islands their name. The orb is where the sheep roam. The sceptre is long and thin. In all these years, I can't say I've covered every blade of grass, but perhaps before I die, I will see the hot springs again, the lake of tar. It is getting harder to make those journeys. Of course, you are not permitted to go to the spirerock cave. An unspeakable witch-woman lives there, commanding spirits to do her bidding with magicks from her books.

Section 4

We disregard religion. We will have no religion brought here to contaminate our love. No sudden warlockery. Nalagawny, for example, may be strange and wonderful, but is no god. It is a part of nature. A man came here from Verduba, he said the Ice god was the only way. In the end he drove himself mad trying to convince us. I had the others tie his arms and legs with heavy bags of sand. Each had a small corner cut away for the sand to escape gradually. When after five days his hands were worn from struggle. but enough sand had emptied that he could move again. he agreed not to speak of his Ice god again. One night he simply took a boat and left
to peddle his lies elsewhere.

Section 5 MISSING