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Section 1

The Leftist Free Spirit League (formerly trading as Fair Mining Quarterly until closure under Imperial order)
17th Kif, 3013

Never before have we been so oppressed, so slavishly milked for product. It seems there are no jobs but in the choking pits of Atlas, and a hank of cheese values the same as a modest house under her ladyship's unripe regimen. Such is the case from the bay of Pipinturi all the way up the scarf of Ishgiru to Ten-Rui.
Today we see the aspirational rise of a new Warlock, the Warlock of the Gloam, Empress' puppeteer, and next in a long line of these elitist flunkies. Form the chalk circles of Karem, in which he defended against competitors Warlocks Moss and Mole-sight, he seems to wholly represent the grotesque lifestyle of the upper echelon. His "policies" are the arbitrations of his own personal cult, and his interests, have no doubt, concern only the filthy merchant authority and their nabobs.

In the coming years will we know the extent of his depravity, but sources suggest the man is bitter megalomaniac with a tragic past, as one discrete source told us;
"I knew him when he was a boy in the town of Putty, his name were Dawy and he lost his sweetheart to the Karem river. She drowned at cripple's weir they say, and think it were him that pushed her. At the time he said it were she what did herself in, but family and friends say she weren't the type - full of life and fun."
We should be afraid, not of the man's magics, but his menace. Unless we come together, as did the old town under Empress Getta Renata, how else can we dispel the storms above, or the rattles and shakes of the lowtown? We must form a true and proper unity to unseat the false one. A Unity that unites, not exploits its citizens like pocket coin....
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