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Section 1

Museum Guide
You are free to wander around the whole ship, but don't touch! A lot of this stuff is thousands of years old.

Also don't threaten me or steal anything, there's nothing of material value except for the wood you're standing on.

I put this together as a gesture of peace. We're all 'ust trying to get by, we're a l in the same boat, just le each other be. nyway, enjoy the sights and smells of old Foundation!

If you are facing the walkway, turn left to enter the "early years" gallery.

Item #1
Sorry about the smell, but at least you know where the beakheads are - doesn't matter who you are you crap there. That's how it was on the first ships that sailed on water, when water was all around us.
Item #1 is an old capstan which must have been a naval capstan, for sea vessels. Not sure when it was made or where it's from.

Item #2
To the left around the corner is a big stone. Not sure where it's from or when, but it looks old.

Item #3
Around the back of the top deck is a big bird egg. It's definitely a bird egg not a painted beetle one, before you ask.

Item #4
The highlight of the tour, item #4 a lovely old crossbow that says "CLOVIUS" on it. Don't know who that was, but it's a nice crossbow. That's why I'm holding it.

Thanks for your visit, you can donate a gift in the box - who knows you might even get to see it on display next time round.