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Section 1

20th \u00d6evel[1]

Spent the night in Strombiu, at the Blue Beetle, ring-a-ding-dinging with 'thrusters. After everything I've heard they don't seem so bad, and they brought us Saborian bonbons. They're made with sugar, ogball flour, peaches and nanban.

They said Jee and I were fine young ladies, and I could see they meant it. They were mostly gentlemanly, except when they laughed at our make-up, said women in Sabor didn't need paint to look good. I didn't take offence - just one of those little differences, besides I'm not sure they all agreed!

It sounded like they wanted the war to end too, because there didn't seem much cause to fight any more. They said the Kioki won't hear Sabor's pleas. Never heard that one before.

Later, some of the old songs got played. The Essedari didn't know them and couldn't sing along, and that marked them out. The owner kicked their hides to the gutter when he heard they were 'thrusters. I don't know how someone didn't cotton on sooner, given we were talking Saborian all night, and the wings on their casuals and all. I might have to live this dive, if I ever want to fall in love.

  1. I'm guessing that is supposed to read Öevel