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Section 3

Sini woz here. I found your diary! Thought I'd read it since you've been watching me a lot up there. It's not that I care, I just need to see what exactly you wrote -

I have a line on the top of head like a brush? How is that worth writing about? I checked your head and you have the same thing - when you finally fell asleep - during the best part of the day. No wonder you don't sleep at night. You know the small ones are much harder to handle in the day - lazy boy.

Do they feel like our children to you? I'm not suggesting... just think we are responsible, and they need us.

Also, I think the city stinks too.

Section 4

Hello I'm Alphom, I got to write in the diary! Well, Sini is writing for me, because so far I can only read. Mr. J is still asleep, I think he must be very tired. We are all tired too, but it's good to play with glass. Sini read me about Norry. It made me sad to remember because Norry is my best friend. I'm going to see him again one day. Sini says she will name our school after him, when we make our school.
The main fact about me is I told everyone about the gods, because they don't know about Pekoe gods. Hatep is the biggest, he is a snake. Dad said we were lucky there were no snakes in Ten-Rui, but I actually quite like snakes, even if they bite and people die (a bit morbid but Alphom insisted I leave this in - Sini).

Section 5

Hello, this is J. Who gave my diary to Sini? No we are not in love, I just thought her hair was interesting, so give up bullying me you little tykes!

I know it's said about Norry, so why don't we all write in here? Sini can help you, or I can help you if you want to put something in it? J.

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Section 8 MISSING

Section 9

Me too, and my legs are never grubby.

Section 10

Ok stop writing one line in the book - it's not an inventory! Anyway, looks like that's all of us, so can that be the last of the ghost stuff? There are things to do in the hear and now! Sini.

Section 11

Yes Sini, the things to do here and now are to work out which ghosts we are going to be. I'm going to be Hatep, because it s my culture, and you don't know as much. The other gods aren't as good, but they are quite good.

Mora you can be the great whale Sinep. Sinep is almost as big as Hatep, and will eat through the air like a skyship, and she has a huge mouth.

Everyone else is too small, but you could be like crab-flies or bees and you'd still be useful.

From Alphom.

Section 12

I'm disappointed J. I've hidden the diary away from the children, but you need to read this.

I don't see why you have to make them so miserable. I thought you were ok, but you just keep going in circles. We have to look after them and give them real hope, not "keep their spirits up so when they die, it'll make us feel better about ourselves."

Stop sitting on the roof moping and pull yourself together, or you'll unravel me as well. You'll take me with you, like some whiny slug, right down to the bottom of this nightmare.

Section 13 MISSING

Section 14 MISSING

Section 15

Fine. J.

Section 16

I'd be Time, then onece I have overseen the destruction of the court of the Empress, I'd have the power to go back, and oversee the past so that it turns out better. Who would you be?

Section 17 MISSING

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Section 19 MISSING

Section 20

We all know it was you and Sini who tore the pages out. Please could you ask nicely next time before taking out favourite diary away? We all thought some stranger had taking it, and we were really upset - couldn't you tell?

Signed, Little Tamanija.
pp Peri.

PS. Put back the ripped out pages or we'll gang up on you.

Section 21

It's J. I hope you all made it out ok. I'm writing here just in case you find our diary and want to let me know you're ok. If you can't write, just make a mark here of some kind. I'll come and check back in two days. I have to try and get myself checked, I'm hurt. Sini I hope you find this. If you can't write just make a mark.

Section 22

I hope you're ok J, and you aren't hurting anymore. I haven't seen the others, and something tells me I won't see you either. I' have no choice but to wait here. I don't have any water, and I can't find a way out that hasn't fallen in. There's shocks coming, and the ground it open everywhere. I'm done for. I'll miss you. Sini.

Section 23 MISSING