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Section 1

My dear little girl,

I know it is not in keeping to contact you, but my fondest memory remains the day you were born. Do not deny me, and read on a little?

I have (not a brag, just luck) one of the happier assignments - a rare chance to travel!

I am in Pin, where the mountaintops cannot be seen for cloud, and the slopes are only green for a time before they turn craggy and laden with snow. The food is buttery. There are purple flowers with mouths that swallow insects!

Call me mortal, but here is proof that Sabor enjoys not everything.

Take my assignment - I am to acquire samples of Pinnish toys, so that the factory can replicate them. The replicas are adequate, but the Pinnish ones are lovelier. Soon these replicas will be made on a larger scale and distributed for half a yellow stamp. I daresay it would be easier if we just exchanged some of our own goods for the genuine toys, but the Economist prohibits it.

Still, I couldn't resist. I enclose an authentic Pinnish doll, Which I hope you receive intact. See how its eyes turn as you tilt it, and that it makes realistic noises! Promise to keep it a secret.

Your mother is god, and I know she'll have chosen a good school for you. Goad luck with your studies - they do matter, you never know who is watching!

Dad. xx