Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

Laws seconded by Hieronymouse Snark, quartermaster.

I. None shall sneer at any woman/man who by necessity wears a queer hand, or funny leg. Those males dressed as the god Baliandri may at first become laughing stocks, should the crew see fit, but their choice shall be respected if the same wardrobe is kept beyond the first night's entertainment.

Section 2

II. All have equal entitlement to ales. spirits and foodstuffs. Captain Bossa to keep any Tarrery malts for himself, or to grease the necks of his guests aboard the Karkinos.

Section 3

III. Any man or woman attempting to sing aboard ship when not in possession of a fine harmonious voice, shall be marooned, and their mouth filled with bees.

Section 4

IV. All must keep their pistol clean and fit for service. A morning polish is recommended by quartermaster Snark, and perhaps one at the end of the day too. More than two polishes a day might be deemed excessive, though it guarantees the weapon has an agreeable filigree pedigree.

Section 5

V. Crewmen deserting Karkinos during battle is fine by the captain, since he loves to watch fraidy-cats bounce on the rocks below.

Section 6

VI. All personal quarrels to be fought by way of cannonball duel. Cannons shall be placed a sensible distance apart (no more than six feet), then aimed at the face.

Section 7

VII. The man or woman that discharges a weapon or smokes tobacco in the hold, shall have their mouths filled with mustard.

Section 8

VIII. If any woman or man shall lose a limb in time of engagement, they shall have a suitable recompense of Atlas. For loss of an arm, 6 stones. For loss of a hand, 3 stones, a crab claw and the cost of adjoining it to the stump. For loss of an eyeball, 1 stone. For a man to lose his goolies, a bag of fresh crayfish.

Section 9

IX. The one spotting quarry first, shall be the one to fire the first shot.

Section 10

X. That any woman/man who should break the ship's engines, or in any other way render her immobile, shall fix the damage accordingly, or be strapped to a weight of pulleys, and winched o'erhead like a flag on a pole.

Section 11

XI. None shall conceal any of their winnings from other members of the crew, or face a cast of cuspidated crabs.

Section 12

XlII. Any ship boarded and looted, shall subsequently be set ablaze until it sink through cloud into the ocean like a comet.

Section 13

XIII. All sweeps shall be conducted in "Filibuster's Triangle". Sweeps of other vessels shall be made together.
Any solo sweeping outside the Triangle shall result in you swinging from the hull with your pantalons on your head.

Section 14 MISSING

Section 15

XV. Keep your darn powder dry.