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Section 1

(excerpt from an Ishgiru article)

...embarrassing first dialouge in Mellifluan, wherein the Saborian "expert" confused the word "agreement" with the word for "foliage".

The Saborian diplomats thought they were bringing Melliflua and Sabor into an alliance against the Chabuti, while their counterparts presumed they were tabling some sort of horticultural exchange program. In the end the matter was cleared up, but it's no surprise the agreement they signed was a flimsy one. It wasn't long before Kioki swooped in and made peace between Melliflua and Chabuti, which suited them much better. That was when the Saborians really bit...

Section 2

What is noticeable, especially in the last century or so, is how insistent the Saborians have been on communicating solely in their own language. They pride themselves on breeding ignorance, almost, toward the rest of Foundation. Most Saborians behave as if Sabor is the world.
Ishgiruan is the second most spoken language, but by contrast, having at least a command of the basic platitudes in other languages in essential to good business there. Without these kind of open dealings, the formation of the Kioki Unity would never have been possible.
Unlike the Saborians, The Bandini are well-known for their exceptional knowledge of...<legible script tails off>