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Section 1

A tattered snippet from "The Trustee Times" titled "Interview of the month"
Transcript of an interview with Panyana's finest, Adabo Dinoue, by Cutler So-Jee.

CSJ: What a pleasure to receive you into the bosom of the Trustees this evening.

AD: Oh it's so exciting to be here, I mean it's marvellous that I get to say hello to all the Gallish people out there. Hello!

CSJ: We've got a fair bit to get through. First question, your family name is "Dinoue", do you have some connection to Empress Dinoue the Great of Ishgiru?

AD: Oh no. I mean you're right I'm from Ishgiru originally, I lived there before I came to Panyana. I think Dinoue transtaltes as "soil-dweller" so there is a lot of us! I-

CSJ: -You skipped your primer at Gwendolier Institute though, am I right?

AD: -Yes I was too late to go there first, which was a bit mad! Everyone else had gone to Gwendolier.

CSJ: So you had a hard time fitting in?

AD: Oh, I think I looked at things differently. I hardly spoke any Gallish, took me years to learn, but I got a lot out of halls, because the girls there were really friendly and I picked up a lot from them. Sister Kar-Al-Etta was especially great, I hope I didn't annoy her!

Section 2

CSJ: So what are you working on at the moment?

AD: Well, intake manifolds for larger capacity engines primarily. Though the project on actuator efficiency under thermostatic variables is more engaging for me at a personal level.

CSJ: Oily hands?

AD: ALL the time. If I've got oil on my nose, you know I've been picking it.

CSJ: Yes well-

AD: Or looking for wax if I've got oily ears!

CSJ: Ok, wow we're running out of time. One more question, what do you put your incredible success with Adabo ship components down to?

AD: Well everyone's just been really supportive, both from the University and the Trustees. We've sold a lot of our plans in the last few months, it's been amazing.

CSJ: Are you going to stand for Archdean?

AD: Oh no! My place is in the lab and the workshop, not sat in the senate room. It's scary in there!

CSJ: Adabo, thanks for your time.