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Section 1

House for Sale

Fifteen-hundred hectares of land in south Melliflua, five-hundred furlongs from Strombiu, and no distance at all from the coast.

The house has a good deal of garden attached to it. There is no Atlas in the fields, so please withhold related enquiries.

There is however, a fifteenth-century tapestry of the Vinicoti Islands in the hallway, which we believe carries the mark of the master weavers of Kubo. The Motus beetle dye has hardly faded at all. It is constructed into the frame of the building, and I daren't remove it. A deal-breaker.

There are twelve rooms in all. The roof needs repainting, as the white paint is peeling. There are two looms in the cerebellum. They are both in good working order, and again, are fixed in place.

There is an occasional problem with pirates, as they tend to maraud inland from Filibuster's Triangle. Best advice I can give, is keep your powder dry, and have a ship ready for quick departure. Keep your valuables hidden. This is a rustic farmhouse, not a mansion, so that's half a deterrent - don't buy if you're thinking of doing it up! I will show you a special safe we've installed for precious items during your guided tour.

All offers considered. Replies addressed to 17684 Strombiu. Leave details and we'll write.