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Places To Stay
Staying in one of the many shell-shaped hotels around the city is a jolly way to experience Pin life. Researchers at Panyana have recently suggested the desire to hear the sea is embedded within us all. Being so high up, the Pin began building the shell buildings to recapture that feeling because they missed it so much. The juxtaposition of the sound of the waves, and a view over a mountain town, is one to be found nowhere else.

Further inland, the mountains explode. The highest peak, Tito Bipo (translates as "sweet grace") is twice as high as the city of Huacanado, and has never been properly climbed. Nevertheless the Pinnish flag, horizontal stripes of orange and yellow, was recently lowered onto the peak. If you happen to be passing by (and have carefully checked the weather, which can be treacherous at that altitude) there are one or two flatter slopes towards the summit, on which a skyship can neatly fit.

At the very foot of Tito Bipo is the small city of Marimbi, where red and yellow pennants light up the path to the mountain shrine. Although almost perpetually in shadow, and half a league shy of the peak, they still promise incredible views. You will inevitably be offered a space in one of the elder tents for the evening, as they'll really love having you there. It's usually a bed that has never been used, as if saved especially for your visit.

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