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Tinkers wandering the region sell all kinds of curiosities. Many of these are actually used in ritual practice by the Warlocks (rabbit tail, raccoon liver) but you may find they suggest natural ingredients as remedies for all kinds of conditions.

The warlocks are a sight to behold at debate, particularly when the chalk circles are full. There is usually a healthy rivalry between them as the try to assert authority over one another, in the hope of rising up the food chain.

While brutal, no one can deny that duelling is exhilarating. Sometimes ceremonial, other times violent, it is deeply rooted in Karem life. If you do visit Albodan, you could visit the Grunee Brothers' workshop. The geriatric twins are quite happy to show you around, as long as you leave any opinion on the propriety of weapons at the door. These men are passionate craftsmen, and claim that what people do with the weapons they buy isn't a matter for them to be concerned with.

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Don't Miss
Naturally there are some magnificent treks through the Karem mountains, and particularly around the River Kar heading inland. Taking a guide is a good idea, though may find they don't have a lot to say. There's climbing to be done here too, although the region has a mixed safety record, so make sure you have a reputable instructor and good equipment.

Watch Out For
Unfortunately there is only one resolution to a quarrel in these parts, and that is duelling. This may be the conclusion of even the most trivial disagreement, so my advice is, do not make yourself difficult company.

Perhaps worse than this, is the recent state of robberies, particularaly on the alpine pass that crosses the border into Pin. The robbers are treefolk, who dwell in the large trunks of the Widder Tree, and will often ambush you from high above. If you do go this way, be sure to go armed yourself. It might even be better to avoid the road entirely if you feel confident enough to head across country.