Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

Oh what a joy it is to be young, the world opened up like sliced fresh fruit, but Grandma sits on the verandah, her mouth soured like lemon. Why does she have to be like that?

Dad said soldiers came here when she was small, when the family had no food to speak of. Now she spends the whole day eating and complaining it was better back then, and that men were real men and so on. I know she means to embarrass my man because he's a painter - as if there were no painters back then. I thinks she's jsut jealous I have a Mellifluan boyfriend.

She says it was better before Atlas. I say it couldn't have been, because there was war and everything else in Chabuti back then. They even called it "the fall of Chabuti", when the pirates held sway. Dad says we don't hear as much about the pirate king now, if he still exists.

Still Grandma dirt-talks our neighbors, and closes off anything new or different. One moment she'll say the Saborians are perfect, the next she says they are mad, and inists no-one bakes bread like they do here in Fasio. She lives on bread these days, but won't eat crab. She says it reminds her of her first husband, who was a crab-catcher. She says he always came home stinking of crab.