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Section 1 MISSING

Section 2

Every gun appeared to turn upon our wedge, and when each round of smoke cleared we would be one or two ships lighter. Astor, whose lustrous white hair fuzzed below the shoulder, steered the formation calmy onward, as if conducting a frillship cuise.

Colonel Lafite aboard The Ventyure was send upon an errand to the left, where he was to board the larger of the dreadnoughts, render her crew incapable, and spin fire upon her allies. Boarding being one of his specialties, he seemed destined to succeed. But the task, while on the face of it seeming so simple, became quickly devious. A horde of Esserdari 'thrusters being surprised upon Lafite, to jet bounce about his crewmen like angry bees. They meddled with the engines, and the controls, and the The Ventyure was slowed to standing.

So elementary was the duck shoot thereafter, that The Ventyure was rapidly aflame, a pyre from which the bees scarpered, leaving our strategy undone. Lafite himself escaped. He had heavy shot in one leg, shrapnel all over, and burns rendering one arm without use.

The storm enveloped us, and none could see Foundation for the smoke and the tempest.

Section 3 MISSING