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Section 1

Part of an article published in ”The Correspondent" a left-wing Verduban news agency. A report on the agricultural college, north of Conos. The month of Qang, 2997. This translation filed away beside it in a dossier marked "Investigate and Retaliate”.

In one class, Bandinian serfs were seen to crawl about the floor like pigs. When asked about this, a student joked that the college could not afford to use real livestock for practice, but that here was no exhausting the supply of Bandinians.

One senses that the ulterior motive of Economist Nalo's policy, is to condition the Pilipai into thinking that they are not a the bottom of the pecking order. By subjugating and demeaning Bandinians, they make the Pilipai students feel good about themselves.

Ask any Saborian citizen about the Pilipai, and they will likely state that they are unenlightened mortals choosing to live the easy life. It is obvious to an outsider however, that the Pilipai are Saborian society. They are the potwashes, the farmers, the miners, and the cleaners. Then there are the shadier professions; prostitutes, assassins, spies - all are Pilipai.

In short, the agricultural colleges are no longer used for teaching. There is a perimeter guard, and a high fence. There are rewards tor conformity - the promise of farming equipment, or distribution of "cushy" farmland (such as olive or grape crops) - only demonstrating how the focus of such institutions is not education, but the streamlining of an underclass.

It is one of many responses to the growing unrest among elder Pilipai, that life has grown intolerably hard. They used to trade with the Bandini, but since the situation began in Darat, very few Bandini now have cause to come into Sabor, leaving the Pilipai to trade among themselves, and enjoying a lot less variety of produce. Put these things together, and Sabor appears a volcano that might erupt at any time.