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Section 1

Dear Mother,

You must stop thinking of father, that whole episode was years ago. Jealousy is the most ungodly feeling. You're a Pilipus, he is a citizen. But note, I still write to you! I am not merciless - I confess and accept my origins. What does it matter if I was born in the sticks? I proved my value, and became a citizen, and now I take that experience forward in my career.

I have news. I have been appointed "Economist" in Redusa. It is a new assignment to commemorate the Stalk's construction. I am to wear green scarves, and to join the governing committee. If this means nothing to you, I understand, but for me this is as good as it gets.

Everything we do now is with foreign parties. It will be my job to ensure that we always benefit from trade, preserving everything Saborian. Foreign states expect to trade in currency, but we of course, cannot. The worst thing would be to allow these outsiders to contaminate our way of life, to unbalance us. We are gods.

Instead, we shall offer the abundance of the crescent; fruit, olives, minerals - the stuff at the bottom of your paridaiza mother! As to what they have to offer, I can think of little, for we have it all. Except perhaps a little more Atlas stone - that might be useful. We cannot rely on the Bandinian supply alone, if we are to keep building upwards.

Another attractive possibility is to milk the mortals for any relevant technological understanding, that we might propel ourselves further towards Aetherium. There is talk here of us voyaging to the moons!

Keep well mother, and save me some rose petal broth,

We are gods.

Malvitico XX