Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

I walks the sand 'tell my feet are bloody, looking for those gems. I collect 'um up and swap 'um. I bring 'um to the man, so I can carry on, and I's children can carry on.

I came out a Pilipus, but I had to get away from home, don't matter why. Anyway, Pilipus ain't so worthy as the citizuns say they are, and I love those citizuns. I love god. We people's gotta fight for 'um. All of us wastrels are in deep and good, and we're proud. Those who ain't god better do as they told, we'll set upon 'um.

They treat us kind, do the God'nds. They know we're doing 'um good getting all the gems. They gi' us sweet liquor and all gifts and that. We're doing the simple, while they gods got a lot to think on.

Section 2

And we know the stones. We can help 'um work the Bandinis. Bandinis are the festerin' spores of Alkabar. Bandini always turn us down before, wouldn't trade with us for nuthin'. Said they didn't serve no Saborians, wastrels neither. Well look who had the last laugh! Wastrels got a yoke o' they bassards working Darat now for Atlas. None of 'em wastrels doing work though, only supervisin' the bassards.

Them God'nds less strict'n ever with us now. My girl loves me, she say "ma, the tithe ain't so bad these years. Now the leavin' plenty behind." She dreams a bein' god, but she gonna have to pull her bloody finger out. We don't even have a rock to call home, just they useless Bandini mules. Them's got skyships and sharp clothes, and they don't want nuthin' for 'umselves. That's a bless'd god's life, life without bits and peices of yer own.

I worked 'ard for mine, can't imagine workin' hard for nuthin' like they gods. I got me caraven, I got me habiliments, and I got me lantern. Nobody ever g'na touch my lantern.