Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

Hello, Enna again. Feeling sick now, but it's the skyship, it gives me nausea. I can't imagine what Coriola would have thought on that maiden flight! The height always puts me off the Apotheon you know. Not very godly am I?

I know you're down there on leave, somewhere green. If I get time off, can I come to your farm? I want to lie on real grass. Our foundations, firm ground, it's so much more exciting don't you think? It's no floating bubble like Momoros - it's real. It's as if the only real people live down there, even if life isn't perfect. That's why I like you, you feel real.

Section 2

The Elaine took down another today. It was a victory, I think.. The Elaine is a better ship than ours. I want you to know though, if you felt even the tiniest bit of remorse those Mellifluans died, so did I. Theirs was a woeful broken thing.

I had a beer with our captain afterwards, and she and I ended up talking. I kept thinking of you. She and I are good enough friends, and I wanted to tell her about us so much. But I promise I didn't say anything. She says, "we women ought to stick together". It reminded me of what you said, that you always feel happier with us in charge.

Section 3

I'm thinking of you, thanks for your note, though it was a bit scruffy. I hope one day you'll read this, then you'll know I do acknowledge you when you pass me by. I'm just trying to look normal, because they can't find out. I mean it would be a shock to them all to know about us - you a deck-hand, me an officer.

I am god, you are mortal. Once I join the Aetherium, I cannot be with you. I can love you here and now, in this life, or not at all.

Section 4

Hello. It's been so long, I know, just hold on until next month. I haven't even seen you above deck since those heavy cannons hit, so you must be working hard. I'd like to visit if I could. It'll be so refreshing to see the boviaries, and meet your family. I never knew we got fuel from beasts. Enna. X.

Section 5

Did some more drawing of you. I am so tired of waiting. X.

Section 6

Thank you, I feel awakened. You said your home was beautiful, and it was, in a way. I felt anxious the whole time, so thank you for understanding.

When the earth moves is it normal? I didn't want to offend by asking in front of your brother. You looked worried, and I wish we could have talked for longer

It's strange, but I feel so much safer up here. I hope you don't hate me for saying that.

Love, Enna.

Section 7

I've got you a game of Becat with the captain, so you better accept if asked!

I said you could easily be reassigned, that it was your time, and that while you may be a Pilipus, you longed to be a citizen and you felt you had god in you. I honestly believe you could be god, but there is more to come if you want to get there.

You must be more supportive of others, take on a few good causes in Momoros. If you can do that, then I really believe you can be something. We're going to need more than just pilots if we want to keep his silver whale running.

Section 8

I know, I know. I've cried so much.

Please say your arm is getting better? There was such a loud explosion, a lot of the crew have lost their hearing.

I wish you could write back. We are god. Love Enna.

Section 9

I knew the godhands would let you back in if you brought fuel. If you don‘t have that or Atlas now, they‘re no interested. I‘ve heard stories about Telemon, closest to god of all of us, but I refuse to believe that he can barely walk.

Some say he hides himself away not because he is busy, but because he eats seven times a day. It cannot be, since even the citizens are not eating well at all.

I hear there is such a shortage of tokens, and people cannot afford to eat, or when they may, the stores are empty. What has become of your kin? The farms? I‘m sure when the war ends all will be well. I miss you. Enna.

Section 10

We have been given new "toys". Have you heard? I can't believe how long they take to get going. For every enemy life that's lost to one of these, feel like we should sacrifice one of our own. It defies, you know, some principle. I mean, are we still gods, if we must use the hulks to do our dirty work?

If our enemy has the courage to face the ogres, surely we too should have the courage to fight with our bare hands, like in the olden days. Give me a sword, and let us duel for the stones!

Section 11

it seems like the war will go on for years. I have no choice, I have chosen my side. We are gods. Let us win for Sabor, for better or worse. Let us trust our leader and hope the committee has made the right choices. We are gods.

I miss you. I won‘t write here until I see you again, it‘s too hard.