Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

(This sheaf of notes and postcards is filled with grubby, fervent scribblings, and smells of palm sweat. Some postcards have been exposed to an extreme heat source, but fortunately all of the text survives)

Lovely view from incline of blackened mountain slopes, nut-vittle good, but spartan - not up to Chabuti standards! Enjoying a clean room and raw sweet lemons on terrace. Scorpions a menace. Landlady nice but wears obnoxious hat - so broad it pokes me in the eye as she passes up the stairwell. Theorising about deities and interviewing Gall. Should be further news soon. One thing clear, seems no single Gall holds same gods or beliefs, but usually one of the seventeen - you know, as in the months of the year. Many shrines in disrepair, though Gall don't care, they say it's impossible to control the world beyond the self. They say if these are forgotten relics, then that is what they should remain. Next week flying to Panyana, meeting Garnian, Professor of Religious Intrigue. Will compare notes.

Section 2

University most beautiful and interesting. Garnian not there. Went along coast by skyshi, black shale like treacle. Garnian's house secluded. Found her to be a gentle and welcoming intellect. Was cleaning her home, made me wait outside the door while she swept, then I was asked to remove my shoes.

Once we began talking, she had more questions than I! Seemed pious, in a personal way. That is key, she says; Gallish gods give guidance, not answers. She says science is never fixed, or a certainty, but instead a lifetime's struggle toward truth.

"Do not lose the race for the door. Use your elbows, use your knees, but do not use your feet and hands."

This saying ascribed to Perimola, goddess of boundaries. Self-centered, but explicitly so. Would be very un-Saborian. Strangely there are no religious texts among Gall religious artefacts - Garnian says that their credo has passed by word of mouth, like the rebus puzzle they use to protect their findings, down through generations. It will never be committed to paper.

Section 3

Took long walk up espalanade and blackstone steps to sacred mount plateauing into beautiful grassy fortress. Stone arch-like structures everywhere, and Gallish visitants using them like doors to their futures. At first all look similar, but each is unique to a god. These gods are not the place form which we have come - but the nebula of our destiny. Sits oddly with Gallish scientific bent, but then again, seems to drive them harder in pursuit of knowledge. Saw a young Gall walk beneath an arch muttering. She repeated the loop several times.

Section 4 MISSING