Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

Through a little copse, in a little hole, in the Great Marshas, live the Deep Marshas.

Their cauldron soups are velvety green like their faces. Their eyes are yellow, and their hair is slicked into dark rivers. They swing heavy with old bones.

We sometimes see them in Darnik. They bring us the soup and we give them frogs to make it with.

They say we Great Marshas are strange, which we take on the chin. But none are akin to the Deep Marshas.

They speak of the "marsh-below-the-marsh", and commune with algae in a language too strange to utter. They tell us the marsh is unhappy, that it becomes a mire. They tell us the marsh is angry, and that the storm will swirl up through us, like a Kraken unspurling all of its arms.