Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

I spoke to the foreman, a citizen, and the conversation went something like this;

Foreman: "You don't look busy, what's going on?"

Me: "So I have an nine-bit egg-cam to install today, but the slide cranks haven't been fixed in place by the crank team yet."

Foreman: "Yeah l don't want excuses, I need you to do your bit on this today, or you'll fall behind on the prototype side."

Me: "No I get that, and I don't want to fall behind, but I can't do anything until the crank team have done their bit.

Foreman: "I don't care about that, just get on and do your job."

Me: "Fine!"

So I spend the whole day trying to pre-install the egg-cam, even though I'll have to take it all off again later, only to discover the cranks still haven't done their bit. So when the foreman is off at the cloistrum next morning, I wander down to the hangar, and confront them.

Section 2

Me: "Guys, you're taking way too long with the damn slide cranks for the sky hulk."

Crank #1: "Hello Tereta, have you come to show us your bim-bims?"

That spun me off so much, and I was already spun out, so I hit him over the head with my spanner. A fight broke out with the other two and I kicked their hides. The foreman put me in the compound with the Bandini, and I'm cutting Atlas with the slaves all day long.

Old Bandini man: "Got anything love?"

Me: "Nothing."

OBM: "What about that little book and pen in your pocket?"

Me: "How do you know about that?”

OBM: "I can smell the glue binding it together."

Me: (to the guard): "For the gods, please get me out of here!"

OBM: "Give me one page. All I need is one page, come on, give it to me."

Section 3 MISSING