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Section 1

Oppeetobee Oracle, Ichthuna 3026.

The resilience of the young man is extraordinary. His company, Eagle-eye, has only been trading the brobbins and grubbins of war for five months, and yet its stellar brilliance has caught the eye of the most serious corporations of Ten-Rui.

Last month Horris Feather had the audacity to turn down an offer of 70,000,000 Ishgiruan Spirits for his share of Eagle-eye, a company for which he has produced all the master designs himself. The bidder, Dawnfire, is the largest ship manufacturer in Ishgiru - a testament to the genius of young feather, who is only thirteen years of age.

I visited the factory on the edge of Oppeetobee, where great chunks of forest had recently been felled to extend the boy's airfield.

Me: Is it strange to think you own all this, and you're only 13?

HF: Not in the slightest. Others call me an upstart, but I'd like to see them try and invent and innovate as I do.

Me: Are you referring to the takeover bid by Dawnfire?

HF: Dawnfire, more like Fawndire (he laughs).

I watch as he interrupts our talk to squawk some instructions to his factory floor. Anywhere else his unbroken voice might elicit mockery, but his workers only increase their urgency, eyes glued to their benches.

After that, the noise of the factory drowns us out, and Feather is so preoccupied he can't focus. I bid him farewell, and wonder if I have just been lucky enough to meet a genius, one that can not only put Oppeetobee on the map, but serve the Unity against the growing threat in the west.