Worlds Adrift Wiki

Section 1

I am Warlock of the Dragon-Dog, I have it in my blood. It surges through my body, saying "no-one can bleed you".

It pains me that I live for the Empress, yet am denied entering her service. When will a Dragon-Dog be allowed to server her again?

Section 2

Father asked me to make the pilgrimage to the low-town, as he once did. The visit troubled me greatly.

We promised a young woman her children would be safer out on the plain. She said the city was her home. She said she'd not rely on the goodwill of others, and must earn the right to eat.

She said she would follow no Empress, and spoke of the heathen Goddess, the "true" Empress who loves the poor.

I understood her disappointment, and promised to visit again when the children weren't in the mines.

Section 3 MISSING

Section 4

It sickens me. They pay them near nothing. I wish to strike these mine-keepers, but the true Empress odes not command it.

The little children fear me, but I am more afraid of them. They tell me stories of their gods, of the tribes of Koinos, and distant lands of Foundation I have never known. I shiver at the coming darkness of which they speak. I see them when I can, but the one true Empress has business for me to see to in the upper city.

Section 5

I went to the rubble today, where the rumble broke, and Sini and her children lived. I looked for them, finding nothing but their little book of writings. I put it in my satchel.

All that is left of Ten-Rui is rotten. The Nabobs care not for the fallen city, and I am not sure the False Empress even knows it is lost.

Now for my duty, as it is written in the Book of Soil. I am the Dragon-Dog and I claim my fifty men for the True Empress. But I claim them as much for the children of Ten-Rui who have suffered such short and terrible lives.